Testaments Dark Roots of Earth shares

So earlier this month I bought a share for Testaments album Dark Roots of Earth. As a fan, i liked the album, and the whole package deal for 100 bucks was pretty cheap.

The package includes (well actually it is sold out):

  • Limited ownership of the album “Dark Roots of Earth.”
    Early access to the new Testament album coming in 2015
    Invitation to join Chuck and Eric for an online shareholder meeting
    Print of Chuck Billy’s handwritten “Native Blood” lyrics
    Autographed limited edition certificate of ownership.
    Hand-numbered (of 200) 18″ x 24″ print of Brian Mercer’s “Native Blood” artwork

So today I received the box with the share, and I am rather happy about it, looking forward to that shareholder meeting, wonder what that is going to be about 🙂

The shares itself does not hold a commercial value in the sense that you own any rights to claim any money or anything. But fan wise it holds value, like signed albums or CDs and t-shirts from bands. The native blood art work will be on my wall at some point (got number 59).

Below is the certificate, 59 out of 100, looking forward to the early access album from Testament, hope it is another killer album, like native blood 😉