ICANN’s contract with the USA Expires.


So it has been done, and we are on our way. Years of discussions come to an end? Not likely but we have a significant milestone here.

The ICANN board is more accountable now and can be replaced.

The GAC aka governments can no longer take over the interwebz.

The USA demonstrated to the world that it takes the multi-stakeholder model serious and as such, it is out of the grasp of the UN or the ITU. Imagine the UN run the internet 😉 Ted Cruz and some other idiots who demonstrated clearly

Ted Cruz and some other idiots who demonstrated clearly that they have no idea how the internet runs can pack it in. The internet will keep on working as it is. Beside ICANN only has a clerical function when it comes to the internet and is not the content policy or has any mandate when it comes to content. ICANN can only create policies through the stakeholder model wich is a bottom-up process and not a top-down process.

Theo Geurts ICANN community member.