ICANN wants to destroy privacy protect services for domain names.

Privacy for Business

Privacy for Business (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And that could be read many times, on tons of websites.

The truth is/was that the workgroup (I am a member of the PPSAI WG) is divided. So a few folks wanted a footnote that said commercial websites could not use P/P services and another group wanted a footnote in the report they opposed to that idea.

All good and fine till social media spun it their way. And now we got over 14k comments to look at. Since most of them where submitted came from SaveDomainPrivacy.org the comments are generic.

Still, we got tons of good comments and will keep us busy.

The report can be read here: https://www.icann.org/public-comments/ppsai-initial-2015-05-05-en

Funny how things went out of control. I am pretty sure we gonna have a hard time when this needs drafting. Currently, I am working on IRTP C, change of control and it has proven to be a nightmare.